Strategic Development

Whether you want to create or rejuvenate a brand, we offer brand-building services to guide you through the complete brand development cycle. These include strategies such as; Communication Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Marketing Strategy. The whole process begins with a clear affirmation of your corporate values, your business model and your company’s marketing objectives.


What we do for you

Brand Strategy

We articulate goals and set up a strategy. We have a conversation with you to determine our deliverables and objectives, set the strategy, outline specific tactics, the budget and the timeline. The team then produces a written plan/strategy for your company’s marketing, communications, Public Relations (PR) and sales programmes helping you to implement the strategy. 

Brand Audit

A brand audit enables you to gain a fundamental understanding of where your brand stands – its strengths and its weaknesses in its current state. Before we deal with your brand, we carry out a brand audit to ascertain its current state and make suggestions as to how shortcomings may best be made good. 

Communications Strategy

We create solutions to move you from where you are now to where you want to be. Our team devises solutions to help you be heard by the audience you intend to be heard by, with a clear tone and language so that there’s no miscommunication or uncertainty. The communication strategies we create for your brand will ensure that you reach your destination and in good form. 

Marketing Strategy

We design marketing strategies with planned actions designed to promote and sell your product or service. Without a fitting marketing strategy, even good products have the potential to underperform or even fail. We perform an analysis of your brand and endeavor to understand the needs and wants of your customers to better help you create plans that place you above your competition.

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